Animal Control

Title 24, Chapter 9, of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations spells out the responsibilities of dog owners/custodians regarding barking, collars/tags, defecating, leashes, vaccinations, etc. Other sections of Title 24 address fowl, pigeons, bees, wild animals, and droves of animals on streets. The Humane Rescue Alliance provides animal care and control services for the DC Department of Health and can be reached 24/7 at (202) 576-6664.

Noise Reporting

If you are bothered by excessive noise, at any time of the day or night:

First: Call the GU Helpline at (202) 687-8413, describe the problem, and ask for a callback or email about how the issue was resolved by GU.
Then: Email with the subject line “Noise” and include this information:

  • date, time, and address of where you suspect the noise is coming from.
  • description of the problem.
  • when you called the Helpline.
  • your contact info so someone from the BCA can respond to you.
  • results, if any.


Burleith is in parking zone 2. Residents with a residential parking sticker on their cars may park without time restrictions (unless otherwise noted by signage). Guests must obey the 2-hour time limits posted on certain signage. Burleith residents may obtain visitor parking permits free of charge from the 2nd District Substation at 3320 Idaho Avenue NW. Special consideration will be given to residents who are incapacitated or have a disability. For more information, visit the DC Department of Motor Vehicles website. When a snow emergency is declared, motorists may not park on the streets designated as snow emergency routes. Snow emergency tickets are $250.

Renting Your Home

Anyone renting his or her home in the District of Columbia must have a Basic Business License (BBL). The close proximity of row houses in Burleith makes it especially important for homes to have proper egress, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors, among other safety features. Securing a BBL helps ensure that tenants are not put at risk. As part of the BBL process, a home will be inspected to ensure compliance with the District’s safety regulations. Having a BBL also triggers the income tax reporting process, which is a requirement of the District. Homeowners who do not comply are subject to severe fines.

Rodent Control

The best way to avoid problems with rats and other animals (including raccoons) is to eliminate opportunities for food, water, and shelter. Secure your trash cans (with a bungee cord or heavy brick or weight), pick up spilled garbage and other trash, and remove animal feces, overgrown vegetation, and debris. The DC Department of Health manages a comprehensive, sustainable, and responsive rodent control program that relies on public education and outreach, abatement, and code enforcement. Neighbors who submit signed petitions to DOH grant DOH staff permission to inspect and, if necessary, bait residential premises.

Seasonal Leaf and Holiday Greens Collection

The DC Department of Public Work's (DPW) fall leaf collection program runs from the first week of November through the second week of January. During this time DPW collects leaves at least twice from each residential neighborhood by “vacuuming” loose leaves residents rake into their treebox(es). Bagged leaves may also be placed where trash and recycling are collected. These leaves will be collected with the trash as space in the truck permits. DPW publicizes its leaf and holiday tree collection schedule on its website and through mailed flyers.

Snow Removal

With few exceptions, DC law requires property owners (residential and commercial) to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, handicap ramps, and steps on their property within the first 8 daylight hours after the snow, sleet, or ice stops falling. City employees may write $25 tickets for a residence and $150 for a business not cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall. Seniors and those with disabilities are exempt from residential fines. Georgetown University’s Office of Neighborhood Life maintains several “winter houses” where students can borrow shovels and supplies to pre-treat or remove snow from sidewalks. If you notice that a particular GU student house is not complying, email Cory Peterson, who will take it from there.

Trash, Recycling, and Bulk Pick Up

Burleith’s trash and recycling are picked up on Thursday mornings. When a holiday occurs during the week, collections "slide" to the next day. After trash day and throughout the week, please keep our alleys clean by picking up litter and any spilled trash or recycling. DPW collects large, bulky items by appointment from residential households that receive DPW trash collection service. Call the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311 to make an appointment. More specifics about bulk pick up and the Ft. Totten transfer station are available at the DPW website. DPW's Service Guide for New Residents contains useful information for newcomers as well as long-time residents. For ways to reduce waste of all kinds, visit the Zero Waste DC website.